Oct 25

Good F'ing HR Advice

Sep 22

Everything You Need to Know About Healthcare Reform

Sep 15

Yelp's engineering process -

More for the nerds in the audience

Sep 14

ZOMG about Cloud Computing

Aug 23

Designing for the Mind -

Via @phillydesign. Subtitle: Do You Know What It Takes to Make a Good Design?

Aug 22

The End of Management -

The money quote from the WSJ:

The new model will have to be more like the marketplace, and less like corporations of the past. It will need to be flexible, agile, able to quickly adjust to market developments, and ruthless in reallocating resources to new opportunities.

How to Read Twitter (or FB) as a Newspaper -

Cool idea.

Aug 21

Jobserf—cool way to look for jobs -

They do all the applications for you.

Aug 20

How to establish your dominance in the workplace -

Because peeing on coworkers is generally frowned upon…

Motorola—back! -

Motorola smart phones are signaling the return of Motorola to cell phone dominance.